Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quiet Day

A quiet day today and not much to report. I ran some errands and did a little weaving last night before my massage appointment. I like weaving. I like watching the fabric appear as if by magic, and at an amazingly speedy rate. I like advancing the warp and watching the spindle empty of yarn. In knitting, sometimes it feels like I will never get to the end of a skein. And joining is easier in weaving too!

Progress continues on the purple sweater. It makes good lunch hour knitting. I can't get away from it and it is the perfect complement to listening to the radio. I was getting dressed this morning and decided I need a pair of red socks. There was just an ocean of brown and blue in my sock drawer today. I did NOT buy yarn for them online, but rather started a list of "things I could buy but should really make as I have the fiber and the dye". So red socks is at the top. And I miss spinning for myself. Even though I have been spinning, and I have been knitting, I have not been spinning any yarn that I then knit with. So sad.

No big plans for the week except for a RiverSpinners meeting on Saturday afternoon. I will get some spinning done and I will bring the table loom and cotton fabric for show and tell. Whee! Next week there is a big knitting gathering at the Whole Foods I was talking about yesterday - I am trying to get a place. It would be nice to meet a single, available male knitter. Or three. Or even a man-who-likes-knitters-and-shops-at-Whole Foods. And if nothing else, there is a Peet's Coffee right across the parking lot (the nearest one to me, actually).

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