Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The flowers are winning the battle against the weeds in the yard. The first sunflower has a perfect, modest blossom shining out and the coreopsis tinctora patch is a cacophany of green, yellow and maroon. I will have to hurry and spin some white fleece so I can dye it! The geraniums are islands of pink, the roses are a lucious red and the alyssum are dainty and white. Sigh.

I mangaged to e'file my taxes this morning and was pleasantly surprised to discover I am actually getting refunds! Now I wish I had not procrastinated, of course. Had a short day at work and then came home and walked the dog to get chili dogs for dinner. Still got settled back at the house by 8pm. Another short day tomorrow; perhaps I will bathe them and take them on a dog-drying walk in the morning.

Knitting continues on the sweater - another 2 rows today. I finally mastered "p2tog tbl" so that it looks correct on the front; I almost want to go back and tear out the ones that did not come out quite right.

Hmmm. I hear quite a commotion from the budgies. I hope they are just being garrulous and not fighting.

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