Wednesday, April 07, 2010


It was a quite breezy day today, but warm and sunny. Unfortunately, I did not close the back door all the way this morning and I came home to find the furry inhabitants of the house had been roaming freely. They are all safe and accounted for - none squashed in the street - but I am sure the neighbors were thrilled.

Work is still crazy and tomorrow is another 12 hour day. Whew. I do my best to keep up, but tend to squawk; the office staff equivalent of a yappy dog? Or a grouchy budgie? I bought some microwave food for lunch tomorrow. All I had today was Del Taco and birthday cake. Yerg. I would have a beer before bed, but I don't think I can stay awake that long! It was 7pm before I even hit the freeway to come home today. Slow traffic makes for a tiny bit of knitting time, but getting home at 8 is really wearing. This evening at the grocery store I saw a customer who was a dead ringer for Neil Patrick Harris. Maybe he is slumming? I try not to pry, but I could not stop staring. So handsome!

Baby bird was in hiding again, but I saw her moving around in the nestbox. I am too tired to fight off the parents to take a picture. She (it, right now) will be a week old tomorrow, as this is the second-hatched chick. Stay tuned!

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