Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Day

I am trying to have a sunny day today - I no longer have a schedule that lets me rest and recharge for 3 days at a time. The weather is certainly cooperating. I dreamt last night that I got kicked out of my WoW guild, then that my dog ate the baby cockatiel, and something else equally unsettling in between, which I have (thankfully) forgotten. Baby bird is fine in RL - the new feathers are starting to break out of their quills and she is getting a little fuzzy. Still trying to wrap my head around cockatiel genetics - dominant, recessive, sex linked... there is a lot to consider.

Beaker and I saw lots of little birds in the garden today - the angry hummingbird and then an even angrier one, that red house finch, a gold finch happily eating the leaves of the sunflower and a passel of sparrows. He was very chatty this morning and even groomed my eyelashes a bit. I am going to enjoy the next 30 years with him.

Not too much planned for today - some tidying, some laundry, maybe finding and fixing the error in the purple sweater. Plucking the rabbits if I feel wild and crazy. Warping the loom if I totally lose control of my senses.

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