Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The cockatiels got some outside-of-the-cage time today. This is Graham; his coloring is called cinnamon. He is a sexy beast, and Hamlet's father. Good grief, he must be about 10 years old by now. He was really hamming it up today. He also let me pick him up, sat on my shoulder, and did some "step ups". Pretty Bird got some outside time too, but did not pose as nicely. Perhaps next time. I did wrestle with her and got those nails clipped! Thankfully there are only 3 toes to clip - her previous owners kept her free flight in the home and one day she was perched on top of a door that got slammed. Her toes were the casualties.
In other news, the baby 'tiel is still hanging on. Hamlet & Violet wouldn't let me see it much today, but I heard peeping.

Put in 12 hours at work today and am really glad to be home. Short day tomorrow, but lots of hours the rest of the week and Saturday. I am thinking of driving up to CNCH this weekend, but will wait until the last possible moment to decide. Can't leave the pets alone too long.

Managed to put a couple rows on the purple sweater today. It is only a couple inches away from the decreases for the back panel. Almost had the urge to get some spinning done this evening; perhaps I will make some time for that later in the week.

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