Monday, April 19, 2010


A flurry of activity this morning when I got ready early and went to the DMV. Then I got in some good knitting time during the 2 hours I was in line / waiting to be called. I did pay the registration, renew my license and turn in the accident report, so I call it a win. I also fixed the error in the sweater and then made significant progress on the decreases for the back. The end is in sight!

Had a nice chat with the 'good neighbor' when Beaker and I went out for our evening sit. I took "A Weaver's Garden" out for my evening reading, as wanted to look up the proper harvesting time for the coreopsis if I want to dye with it. "Now" is the answer. I will go out and collect some flowers tomorrow for freezing. Previous reading selections include Scott Cunningham, John Milton and Beatrix Potter.

Sleepy tonight and back to my regular shift tomorrow, so I had better hit the hay.

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