Monday, April 05, 2010

A Drop of Rain

Woke up to a gray and drizzly morning. Nice enough, usually, but sad today as I lost one of the cockatiel chicks. The other still seems well. It is their first clutch, so I am tying to be zen if they don't make it, but I want a chick by Hamlet so much! Still, I made the birds cooked breakfast again this morning and am hoping for the best. It is entertaining to see which birds eat which treats first. Some go right for pasta, others corn. Kiwi demolished his chili peppers early on today, while Beaker ate all the soybeans first. The cockatiels usually go for pasta, then corn, then peas, then millet.

It was wonderful to have 3 hours off today (well, 2 + lunch) and go in a bit later than normal. I feel refreshed and ready for the week. A good thing too, as tomorrow I am in from 6am (or maybe 5) to 6pm. Early bedtime tonight to accomodate, but I found time to clean the catboxes, feed the fish, sit outside and watch the sunset with Beaker and snuggle Kiwi. A little beer drinking and book reading was also squeezed in. An eighteen pound cat is lying on my arms, trying to convince me it is time for bed.

It feels so nice to sit on the porch and just be. I am not thinking of bills, work, the to-do list. Just taking 20 minutes and enjoying the evening. Maybe I should move the rocking chair out there. I love being wholesome and hokey and simple.

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