Friday, April 02, 2010

"I don't need tiny cue cards"

Made it to knitting night tonight - first Friday movie & pizza. Beaker came, ate some pizza crust, didn't talk to anyone, and pooped on my shirt. Good times. The movie was "Easter Parade" and I made it for about an hour. Linda has some pretty new yarns. Might have to stop by tomorrow (parrot free) and visit for a bit. I put a few more rows onto the new sweater... I could finish it this weekend if I really apply myself. On the other hand, I have no real interest in any other projects-in-progress, so I sort of hate to finish it.

The chicks, aged 2 days and 1 day. Full crops, wiggly and full of cheep-cheep-cheep.

I spent some time looking for cockatiel genetics charts to predict what the little tykes will be, but didn't really grasp it. The yellow down means they will not be whitefaces, as far as I can tell. Hamlet is a Pearl Pied split for Cinnamon and Violet is a normal Whiteface. One is quite bald and t'other is only mostly bald. Fingers crossed they continue to thrive!

No work tomorrow (finally), and I don't need to go in on Monday until noon. Of course, I need to spend that time getting a smog check for the car, doing my taxes, geting my driver's license renewed and of course paying the rent, which I only just realized is due sometime, um, soon. Damn you payday, falling on the 7th. Other weekend plans include walking the dogs, doing chores / housekeeping, playing some WoW and plucking the rabbits. That little chore is way overdue and it is getting hot during the days. Mayhap I will even measure out some warp for a little weaving...

This beer sure tastes good, but I am short tempered, what with the 18 lb cat trying to lay on my lap (which is filled with, you know, a laptop). Time to drink a lot of water and maybe hit up the lemon sorbet in the freezer. I have "Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog" running on the other window. It really is my idea of a perfect film.

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