Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Round Up

The purple sweater / blouse now has a front and a back! I just need two short sleeves and a bit of time for the sewing up. I am still loving the yarn and the color. I just hope I don't look like 'Grimace' when it is all done. I still haven't got anything in particular planned after I finish this. Baby bird, this evening (19 days). What a nutcase - flapping, flopping, perching, nibbling my fingers, she does it all. I can really see her yellow chin feathers and orange cheek patches coming in. I am eginning to think she is going to make it all the way!

Carrie, aka Mama Cat. For a cat who eats only when I am not watching, she is getting pretty tubby. I have never had a fluffy cat before and I have to say, I love it!

It rained a bit today and is supposed to stay overcast / drizzly until the weekend. I like a good bit of 'weather'. Sunshine gets so boring after a while. I like to watch the amazing patterns the clouds make.

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