Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double Trouble

Skye the Parakeet has a cagemate again, after the unfortunate demise of Echo over Thanksgiving. She always tried to beat him up, but after a couple months alone she seems happy to have a new friend to snuggle with. There is a life lesson in there somewhere, I'm sure. Skye is a dominant pied whiteface with a light factor. Wavey is a baby yellowface with a dark factor blue (you can see how far apart the blues are above). The names Skye & Wavey come from the book _The Shipping News_ where the author points out that like girls are named Skye in regions of prairie, they can be named Wavey along the coast.

She is trying to convince him to be shy of people, but I am hoping for the opposite outcome; keeping him hand tame will encourage her to come out and play more often. Yesterday night, after two days with the cage door open, she came out and flew around for a while.

Another good day today. Put in some laundry, heated turkey loaf and made salad for dinner, knit on the wristlet at lunch and now it is time for some bird snuggling and blog posting.

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