Friday, January 28, 2011

Well Balanced

Another short post, I fear. Had a good day at work, an easy drive home, a nice warm bath and am now snuggling some cockatiels before my early bedtime. There is one on each shoulder at the moment (which is good for my posture). I work again tomorrow and wake up call is 5am or so. I also seem to have lost my phone / alarm clock. Rats.

The "keep calm and make tea" plan is still working well. I am more even tempered and productive at work and have been able to do just about everything that I said I would away from work. I finished a knitting project and started a new one, and also started a waitlist for wristwarmers (in exchange for tins of cat food).

The weather has been good this week but I haven't seen much of it; next week I should have some short days and will get out and wash the car and tidy up the garden and maybe even clean out part of the garage. We'll see.

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