Friday, January 21, 2011

Peaks and Valleys

I am not the type who is built to run on an even keel. It is nice for short periods but I naturally default into "peaks and valleys" mode. Things the last few weeks have been great and I have felt comfortable and generous. It is time to pay the piper now though (literally) and the rest of the down payment on the car is due. The next month is going to be very interesting! Time to cut back on expenses and cash in the recycling. Of course I feel like I am plunging into the depths of despair. But I won't die of course. The rent is paid, the car is paid, the lights are on, life continues. This is a good lesson in both keeping some perspective and on watching the budget even when times are good. Silly human.

I knit on the blue wristlet for a bit today and tackled a few more pages of Barnaby Rudge (still, very little has happened). I made a batch of soap and snuggled the parrot and am making my daily blog post. I was all set to play some WoW, but a little wound up over the budget, so I think I will work on my knitting some more to vent the stress.

In the morning it will be time to collect the recycling to turn in for cash and collect the knitting to hang with my friends at the Dickens Festival!


Lenora said...

Hang in there. Stress is stressful; it is how you choose to handle it that matters. Knit on! Spin on! Soap on! [your version of KiSS:
Keep it Simple S____]

Pickyknitter said...

Thank you for the good cheer! I am trying to stay sunny. Worrying won't fix anything, only action (and, um, soap sales).