Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Said Balmy, not Barmy

Today after work I cast off the first of the blue-with-a-cable wristlets. It matches the socks I finished last week. I like it just fine! It is snug and warm and beautiful. Casting on for #2 commences tomorrow. I have a plan to go to Pt Loma after gardening in the morning if the weather is still fine. The idea of sitting, knitting and watching the ocean is the most appealing thing I can think of right now (inspired by the irrepressible Anne)It was a lovely day here today - the car says it was 84 F at 11:30 this morning. A little breezy, but not too breezy & skies of blue with a few puffy clouds. I enjoyed the drive home with all the windows down. After a little puttering at home I still had the urge to commune with nature, so I popped back into the car and just drove... around. Stopped at the local dive bar for a couple beers and a burger on the way home and it was pretty relaxing. Dinner out of the refridgerator would have been cheaper, but has less ambience.

*YAWN* ooh the lack of sleeping last night and the lateness of the hour are conspriring against me. Spending a little quality time with the birdlings and updating the blog is about all I have energy for!

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