Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peaceful Thursday

Not much to report today. Still practicing patience, calm and keeping a sunny attitude at work and it seems to be paying off. In addition to enjoying my work and co-workers more, I noticed that tody was the first day in a long time that I didn't feel a black shadow of doubt, pressure and expectation hovering behind me. "OhmigodIamgoingtobelate" has become, 'No you won't, you are leaving in plenty of time, enjoy the trip" and so on. I like it!

No reading today, but put two or three rows on the wristlets. It was such a lovely, balmy afternoon that I just drove on the freeway with the windows down during my lunch hour.

Some chores and some WoW this evening and an early bedtime. Our month-end at work is starting up and that means lots of long days for the next week. Tee Hee there is a cat lying on my foot; perhaps I will have to stay rooted to the spot for a bit longer.

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