Thursday, January 06, 2011

Hot Wheels

I signed what I think are the last of the loan documents on the new car today. For someone who doesn't even like buying pants, this has been a very stressful process. Lesson learned: if you are going to be an American, it does not pay to have no credit card balances. So now I have debt again.

I will admit that it is pretty nice to drive around and not worry about asphyxiating the people behind me because the exhaust system in the car is shot, or to worry about expired registration, or to drive only in the far right lane because the car could stall at any moment.

In other news, I knit on the blue-with-a - cable wristwarmers at lunch and am going to play some WoW for the first time in recent memory. Last night I got distracted watching season 4 of "The Guild" and never even logged on. I hope my friends remember me!

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