Sunday, January 09, 2011

Sunday Sensibilities

What do I do on Sundays? I think it is the day with the best routine. M-F I just get up, go to work, work, and come home. Saturdays are erratic; sometimes there are activities, sometimes I need to work and sometimes I have a free day to relax. But Sundays are a throwback to the days of being unemployed - the whole day stretching out, full of possibility.

First up is gardening with Martha. Now that it is winter, we have been focusing on pruning back the bushes & roses and thinning the trees. After the rains there were quite a lot of little weeds that sprouted in the garden; I think we have conquered the worst of those now. The oranges came in and were eaten and my homework this week is to find a recipe for lemon curd, as the lemon tree is laden with yummy yellow fruit.

Next stop is usually some lunch / breakfast, a stop at a pet store for supplies & browsing, or a trip to the grocery store. Today it was a visit to Bracken Bird Farm for seed and toys. It was looking a little empty in there and they have quite a lot of things marked down (food, toys, birds) or on sale. I recommend all the bird owners swing by and do their part! The quality of bird, food and service is far superior to Magnolia Bird Farm (although the selection is smaller). Grahamie was a purchase there, and Kiwi and BillyBird were owner turn ins.

Then it was back home for coffee, some cleaning and some computer time. Sunday is a good day for baking / cooking at Chez Picky. This afternoon I am planning on some World of Warcraft, some more chores and a little light reading. No work tomorrow, but I suppose I should still plan on an early evening. I am chilling out with the birds right now - they are torn between enjoying out-of-cage time and taking a nice afternoon nap. At least one is napping outside his cage; the best of both worlds.

And that concludes the Sunday recap!

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