Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Totally Taffy

I finished these socks a while ago and was saving them for a slow blog day. They are made of some Patons yarn (with elastic) that I bought right when I started working at my new job (about a year ago). After a few weeks, I discovered I work only three miles from Velona in Orange County. I don't go by there very often, partially because I forget and partially because I have plenty of yarn, but I bought 2 little skeins of this pretty variegated brown. According to their website, it looks like the Taffy colorway. It was a little wierd working with elasticized yarn, but the finished socks are nice and springy. I also like the short color changes. Some day I may actually wear them! They were good commuter and lunchtime knitting.


Acorn to Oak said...

Very nice! I like your sheepy sock blockers too! :-)

Pickyknitter said...

Thank you! I got the sock blockers at The Loopy Ewe. You can buy them in singles now.