Monday, January 17, 2011

Moody Monday

A weird day today; unproductive in some ways and productive in others.
  • I didn't go to the beach, but I did catch up on my sleep debt.
  • I didn't overhaul the garden, but I did finish _Pride & Prejudice_ at long last.
  • I didn't cook any fancy food, but I did eat at home and not "out".
  • I didn't get bird cages cleaned, but I did snuggle some cockatiels and the pionus.
  • I didn't go to see "The King's Speech", but I did put a couple of levels on one of my WoW characters.
  • I didn't go to knitting night, but I did put a few more rows on the 2nd blue wristlet.

My level of energy to go out and do "stuff" was tempered by a dandy of a headache that started in the middle of the night and still hasn't really gone away. I left my Excedrin at work and my Advil is missing... I had to resort to coffee and Vicodin and am feeling a little better. Less nauseous anyway.

The next book in the queue is now _Barnaby Rudge_ by Charles Dickens. It is the theme book for the Dickens Festival this weekend. I doubt I can finish it by then, but it will be fun to explore.

Back to work in the morning!

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