Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunshiny Day

Today has been just great and isn't over yet! Fine weather, fun friends, fabulous events, and a relaxed attitude are wonderful gifts.

I woke up early and paged through Anita Diamant's _The Red Tent_, and ended up re-reading the entire thing. This put me behind schedule for the morning, but I stuck to the plan and had a great day. I finished up the batch of lavender soap and started a batch of vanilla (that I need to finish up in a moment) and packed it up for delivery.

The next adventure (after quelling a panic attack over the budget) was to collect all my recycling and head over to the center. Half an hour later I had a kitchen and garage empty of cans, bottles and jars and $7 in cold hard cash. The creepy guy didn't even hit on me this time! I call that a win.

Next on the list was (finally) getting my buns down to the Dickens Festival. I found out the hard way that it had been moved to the local Convention Center and was no longer a downtown street fair. Frustration and the urge to give up were quelled and I found it at last. I located my friends, said hi, found some other friends, and then explored the Dickensian offerings. The vendor room was limited yet filled with high quality vendors (I do love the pottery guy with all my heart) and it was fun to poke around in a leisurely fashion. We found lots of ideas for Steampunk outfits. We atteneded the lecture on The History of Tea that I have been anticipating all week. It was wonderful! I could have listened to the speaker for hours. Tomorrow I will have to go again and listen for more details. I learned that the Opium Wars were over ... tea! Then I visited some more with my spinning and knitting friends (who were demonstrating as part of the fair) and put in a few rows on the second blue wristlet. It was cooed over.

Home now for some dinner and a change of clothes and then off to see a play tonight. My friend Anne is in it and had an extra comp ticket for tonight only. I had been longing to see some theater and taa-daa! she came to my rescue.

I will report back tomorrow. Stay sunny, my friends!

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