Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Speed Knitting

An action shot of the second blue - with - a - cable wristlet... if posing on a stuffed sloth can be called "action". You can see how vibrant, attractive and engaging our cubes are at work. My computer is right under the sloth's bum. Three cables down and 5 to go and then I will have warm and snug wrists at work. I still love the yarn, the color and the pattern, so I guess I should just enjoy the knitting while it lasts. I am eyeing this yarn in another colorway to make a sister sock / wristlet set.

Reading in _Barnaby Rudge_ continues. It makes _PNP_ look like a real page turner in comparison. So far some people have talked about talking, a man looked suspicious and then rode away, and someone else is bleeding. Whee.

It was another beautiful day in the mid 60s F; sunny and calm. I need to pack my sneakers so that I can resume walking at lunchtime. When I left work at 6:30 I could feel the water in the air and there was a lovely bright full moon to watch over my commute.

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